How will you know if you are already working too hard?

May 18, 2007 8:05am CST
I have a lot of things to do in the office these days especially when since I got promoted last month. It's hard to refuse a position that you worked hard for and never expected to have in the end. I go to work everyday except during weekends. Sometimes, I already lack sleep because I need to do some reports which are already due some time next week. There are also times when I stay in the office and spend the night there just to make sure that everything will be fine the following day. I'm a workaholic but my co-workers are too. I want to know how will you know if you are overworked already...^^
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• Philippines
22 May 07
Being a workaholic is just ok. SO as long as you dont miss out meals. You'll know when you're working too hard when you forget to eat in a day, now thats bad. and have time for personal stuff..
@shinjiao (1457)
• China
18 May 07
Hi,lilmeowsy! I know I'm overworked from my feeling during my sleeping time.I have noticed that though I can force my body to fall asleep but not my brain.My brain is still thinking during my sleeping time.And the thinking isn't regularly.Everything,including my parents' words,my friend's new shirt,my homework,the result of my exam,everything is showing in my brain.So that means I'm overworked these days. My friend,keep your working and please take care of your health.