Which software programs/applications you think better open source or proprietary

May 18, 2007 9:36am CST
For some time in my local community theres a split on ideas of which is better software? the one being sold on markets or the one that are open source and freely distributed in the web. What is really better?
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@rodveiga (335)
• Portugal
3 Dec 08
At the office and in my home, I only use OpenSource software. I work in a open-source basis, so I'm doing what I teach others to do.
@penlau (11)
• China
11 Jul 07
I think open source better!Beacause it is easier to use!
@icehut (508)
18 May 07
It all depends on what fits the job(s) at hand. Why pay for a program to complete one task that you can do with a free program? Of course, the majority of commercial software comes with pretty interfaces but, it's what's behind all the eye-candy that matters. BTW, proprietary software isn't the same as commercial software, there are free applications that have proprietary code that's just not shared...
@Sickart (58)
• Greece
18 May 07
I think overall there is a massive open source community that offers everything you like in your pc for every purpose...but some commercial pachages offers you the conveniency of what-you-pay-is-what-you-get rule!Tou have to be up to date to know the real truth.