May 18, 2007 11:00am CST
Will you encourage kids to use computers? It is really a bad habbit. At the age of ten only kids are getting the spectacle. Now a days, Using the computers from the childhood has become a fashion. But it will ruin the inner strength of the child. Even an adult should not use a computer for a long time. The computer should be used only for certain purposes. We should use our invention just for the things which we cannot do or for which we need a better performance. But we are using the computers for all even to calculate 1+1. It is really ridiculous. We should grow innovatively. when we don't depend on others then only we grow. similarly the usage of computers should be decreased.
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• United States
18 May 07
You know, I will encourage computer use, for a few reasons. First, there is no way I would let my child become reliant on a computer; but at the same time there are incredible benefits to having a computer that we didn't have growing up. They can have information from years of research or educational material at their fingertips. They can learn about all sorts of things; even the bad, yes. Because it's our duty as parents to raise them to know it, but not to rely on it. Many of the fastest growing industries today are computer-dependent. I am currently a customer service rep for a legal company, and I am on the computer for my entire work shift. To give them the head start to discovering their talents, their love for it, then I will do that. Don't get me wrong, there is a limit, and I understand your vantage points. But there is a lot more good that computers have done than the negatives. It's about moderation, for sure, but I don't think discouraging computer use is too far of a step to take. We need to teach children that there is more to life and to depend on themselves first, but to discourage computer use might stunt their growth as the world around them becomes more technologically advanced. And as far as not depending on others, I kinda disagree as well. We need to use our resources, it's part of evolution. I believe we can't tell children to only depend on themselves, that is encouraging them to put it all on their shoulders and not seek help when it is necessary. Instead of telling them not to depend on others, teach them how to do it for themselves first, but always be open to the idea of other ways to get to the same ending, even if it means asking others, or going to the computer. That's part of the problem today, is that people are too afraid to ask for help in the first place, we end up going to computers to get the answer. I think a comfortable median is the answer. But definitely not discouraging children for learning technology and embracing it as they move forward. We just might empower their inner strength, not ruin it.
• Canada
18 May 07
I agree with you !! My son started using the computer last year when he was eleven where he started using it a lot and now I am having a hard time getting him away from the computer . He feels he has nothing to do when he is not sitting in front of a computer and it is almost impossible to get him to help with anything anymore as all he wants to do is sit in front of the computer from the moment he gets up in the morning til he goes to bed at night . He even started getting up at night when we went to bed to get online and play games until we caught on to what he was doing . He was going to bed around six at night so he would be able to wake up and get online . I ended up putting in a password so that he wouldn't be able to get on as much but find he is still on all the time , if anyone forgets to shut it off he jumps right on and if you tell him to get off he goes to bed . He will lay in bed all day and say he is bored and has nothing to do if we don't allow him on the computer . This does worry me as he is only twleve and used to be a child that loved to be outdoors . Now we can't get him outdoors unless he has a friend over .