***SPOILER ALERT*** Supernatural.. Where does it go from here?

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May 18, 2007 1:23pm CST
So, now we know that Sam was indeed dead, and that Dean traded his soul to get him back. Dean made the deal with the demon to have only one year, instead of the usual ten that is normally allowed, as we saw on the previous Crossroads episode. Dean was supposed to die a year ago, but his father traded his soul so that his son would live. I was glad to see that even though many demons escaped the gates of hell, so did John Winchester. Sam and Dean both wondered if their father's escape meant that he was able to make it to Heaven. Now, we are left hanging, wondering if Sam will be able to live up to his promise to find a way out of Dean's impending trip down the highway to hell. As the demon said, if Dean tries to back out or find a way around it, Sam will drop dead again. Do you think that Sam and Dean will be able to figure out a way to stop this without either of them dying? Before yellow eyes died, he told Dean that the deal he made could have meant that when Sam was resurrected, something ELSE could have come along for the ride. Do you think this is true? I do admit that I was shocked at Sam's ability to kill the soldier without batting an eye. Sam has never been able to bring himself to kill anyone, his heart wouldn't let him, yet he was able to kill this time without remorse. I think that perhaps the death and resurrection via evil means meant the end of the "purity of heart" that defined Sam. Do any of you have any plot predictions? I'm anxious to hear opinions and predictions!
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@fungurly1 (180)
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25 Jun 07
This show is going so great theres got to be away they can change it all. They cant just kill off Jared or Jensen there what make the show awsome. I don't this the CW will let them end the show so quick. I've missed the last three shows because of work so I'll have to find a way to download it some how. I still cant believe they killed sammy. This show is the best on CW. I know the'll find a way!
@misheleen73 (6037)
• United States
20 May 07
Actually we have seen Sam "lose it" before. With the demon blood being in him anything is possible. I do think that the good in him will outweigh whatever it is he is supposed to become. Yellow Eyes kept saying he was his favorite and he was the strongest, so I am betting there will be a lot of trials for Sam and Dean. Maybe by the end of next season, if they defeat all the "nasties" that got out and whatever it is that's coming, that will somehow nullify the contract Dean made. Supernatural just wouldn't be the same without either of them. It's the two of them together that makes it such a good show.