spending time with your kids

United States
May 18, 2007 3:31pm CST
hello everyone. most of us know that spending time with our children will do doubt ensure that they stay out of trouble when they get older. think about it, most of us in the age between 22-30 didn't get into a whole lot of trouble. why? because our parents sat down and colored in a coloring book with us. there is a bunch of stuff you can do that doesn't involve money. of course our children seem to think that's the only way. but seriously have them help you with lil stuff around the house. say please and thank you to them. makes them feel important. and also music, dance with your kids. i don't care if you don't have rythm neither do they. but just spend time with them that's all they ask, and when they get on your nerves, read them a book.
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