Why does Lata Mangeshkar rarely singing songs for movies now a days ?

May 19, 2007 3:40am CST
why has Lata Mangeshkar almost stopped singing for movies now a days? wheather she doesn't like new movies themes or she wants to take some rest in old age ? All friends please discuss in this thread.
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@sayan199 (39)
• India
5 Jul 07
the songs these days r not up 2 d standard of lataji.she is living legend and a song must have 2 b up to that standard 2 b sung by her.I think she sings song because it is her worship,itis her inspiration,her god.she doesn't sing 4 money like others do though they give very long lectures.Now a days d composers r very weak in their hindi vocabulary cause u can hear english words r substituted in betwwen 4 hindi words,how pathetic.
@tolyme (305)
• Argentina
1 Jun 07
May be her reputation as a legendary singer.so she don't want to break that image.Thats why she sang for yash raj's or rehman only.But i like asha very much.What a charming voice she has got. If you have some free time visit www.h2he.blogspot.com for some earning sites lists
@anonymili (3138)
31 May 07
Lata M was a magnificent singer but you have to remember that she's been singing for decades. Maybe it's about time she was allowed to retire from singing and enjoy all the money she's made over the years - when you work so hard you don't get to relax often and she seriously worked really hard for many many years - she deserves to be able to spend time peacefully enjoying other things in life. It's not as if there are no other decent female singers out there. Yes I know many of them can't touch Lata or Asha but they were unique.
• India
29 May 07
I think she has nearly taken retirement and has decided to sing selectively and that too on merit. As on date, she does not think that there is anyone else except Sir A R Rehmaan who can compose songs worth singing (which i think is true also).