May 19, 2007 4:44am CST
lets start with the pistons and cavs. the big question revolving around the CAVS ball club is that "CAN KING JAMES CARRY HIS TEAM OVER THE PSITONS?" LBJ is a great player but his crewe is on-off in their game. he carries the load alone for more og the times. while the pistons is a very balance team. can HUGHES and PAVLOVIC guard the dynamic duo of the PISTONS, BILLUPS and HAMILTON?? its clear that LBJ has the edge over prince, LBJ's level of play is high enough for prince, Wallace and gooden matchup is great thing to watch. although Wallace is much experienced player, and will clearly win the matchup. the battle at the centers' position is a bit shakey, its clear that ILGAUSKAS has the edge in height over C-WEBB, but in terms of speed and agility, ill give it to webber. The cavs bench must step-up to beat the pistons bench. PISTONS is highly experienced team and a record of 5 consecutive EASTERN conference appearances. in the other side of the town, its going to be the JAZZ and company versus the SPURS and company. both of the teams coaches are great, its a war hearts the and mind. who will win the game?? let break it down.. at the JAZZ backcourt, its FISHER AND WILLIAMS versus PARKER and GINOBILI. and talking about speed, experience the SPURS got the edge, williams is atlethic as PARKER,so its going to be the a tough battle. at the wing position, BOWEN versus KIRILENKO both defensive stopper. both respected for their high defensice ability. Kirilienko is a slim and slender type of player, with his long wingspan, he is a monster swatter. and bowne is the "stealer" and his hands is so fast. but AK-47 plays "GOOD/CLEAN" basketball than BOWEN. at the forward and Center positons, its a match up between DUNCAN and OBERTO/HORRY versus OKUR AND BOOZER. DUNCAN can guard either of the two but it will leave either boozer ar okur "OPEN". if its BOOZER vs. DUNCAN its OKUR must take the chance to score and same applies if its OKUR-DUNCAN match-up, boozer will take a lot of chances to score. in the end, its up to them how to execute and to win the game according to their passion and desire to win the division titles and advance to the NBA FINALS. who's your pick...
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