software or core professinal

May 19, 2007 6:51am CST
Few years this is really happening in india. Many of the students finishing there college r entering in to software industry rather than there core domain. NOw the core industry is not having enough professinal. Is shifting domain is good ?
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• India
19 May 07
Shifting is definitely not good.. It is very unfortunate. you study one thing and you work as something else. Just going for the money and not professional satisfaction. The attitude is similar to that of "The greedy people who made British rule in India possible". Now it is the American rule sort of.. When there is such a brain drain towards software.. the core industries suffer from lack of good people and hence R&D suffers.. Again we buy the technology from the West and pay humongous sums for it.. Next we won't know how to use em efficiently and adapt to our conditions and there it is another one for the garbage.. We go for another one.. We are dependent on the West for technology.. That is definitely a sign of technological slavery... Definitely not good. It is gonna spoil a lot of good work done since independence...
• India
21 May 07
Now money has become life to many people,so they sacrifice there professionality for high pay. Even my friends did and doing ? wat u told is 100% right,now we r dependent on west.More brain people r moving to software. Suggestion are welcome...............