horrible tests for nerve damage

May 19, 2007 8:44am CST
I have been absent from myLot because I had to undergo some tests. As I wrote in previous posts, I have had a few strokes, the last one, a CVA, last June 2006. I was in hospital for two weeks (I was supposed to stay for two months, but signed myself out with a waiver, in spite of very angry doctors) and although my care in the hospital I was confined in was totally top level, I could NOT stay for another day I was stir crazy! Anyway, to cut a long story short, my life since then has been a constant round of tests. I have been pricked, prodded, and poked I feel like a pin cushion. However, yesterday was something else. I had to undergo what is called a nerve damage test. I was hooked up via electrodes to a machine that delivered electrical "tickles" to my nerve points. If anybody had ever experienced a TENS machine, you get the picture. HOWEVER. The impulses were NOT tickles they were "SHOCKS" and sustained and prolonged ones at that. My treshold of pain is high (I delivered my youngest without anesthesia) so I just lay there and suffered. I coped with the discomfort by "going to level" (all you Silva Mind Development disciples know what I'm talking about!) My left side (the damaged side) did feel the sensations (thank God!)but my right side (especially my right wrist) aches. I had a hot soak last night and felt some relief, but my wrist is still throbbing! I realize that we have to undergo these diagnostic procedures for our own good, but DANG! are they ever uncomfortable! (and painful). How about you fellow myLotters: have you ever had to undergo annoying tests for some reason or another? How did you cope with the pain and discomfort? Would you mind sharing your experience with our other myLot friends? :-{
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@gabs8513 (48710)
• United Kingdom
19 May 07
Yes I went through a year of Tests 6 years ago because of COPD and Emphasimia so I know what you are going through I really do I am abut to go through another load of tests because of my Hip as the Xrays came back ok but the Pain is still there so now they will be testing to see if they can find out what is causing in
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• Canada
19 May 07
Hi, there, my sweet Gabs! Funny haha...I was just posting a couple of messages to you about your x-rays! I really, really hope that they find out what is wrong and giving you pain. I bet it's a nerve pinching somewhere, and that's causing you the trouble. Keeping my fingers crossed for you...XXXOOOXXX :-0
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