do u invest in HYIP?

May 19, 2007 9:05am CST
do u invest in HYIP? which HYIP is your favorite?
4 responses
@moreinfo (3865)
• China
21 May 07
a3union has been paying constantly for over 6 months now.
@efreddy (250)
• Belgium
21 May 07
I'm not really investing in HYIP,they are ponzi shemes,I could try out sometimes a HYIP with a small amount and take very fast my profit,I leave some of it in to grow but the reality is that it grows to zero. You can only win with HYIP's when you have other fools then you who invest later,the problem is that you never know when it 'll end.
• United States
21 May 07
I like some of the hyip programs but you sure can get burned. I get lots of advise from hyip forums and such about honest admins of the programs before I ever jump in. There are a few good programs out right now that I have invested in and they pay me daily. I prefer the multi-level marketing programs that have team builders and coops to get in at a fraction of the cost and you dont have to get your own downline that way. As far as the hyip's you will only find that about 1%-5% or them are good and they do not stay around for more than a couple months.
@yeenee (133)
• Malaysia
20 May 07
I also agreed that it's not worth to invest in hyip. Unless if you have a lot of money to burn. I myself had learned a lesson from these programs and they can be dissappear anytime without you notice it.