Do you think.?

May 19, 2007 9:42am CST
Today, more and more children get fat . why on the one hand , they like junk food .lt isn‘t health . On the other hand . they don‘t like vegetable and exercise . so l think they‘ll be very fat in five years . l hope they‘ll be more .exercise and eat vegetable . Do you think.?
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@wz2007 (128)
• China
25 Jul 07
Indeed.this is each guardian headache questeon. but i thought this was temporarily could not change the fact.the national condition hasdecided our diet custom!
@mama4kids (690)
• United States
19 May 07
parents have to become more proactive in their childs diet. if a parent eats healthy, a child will follow. of course, as a child, they will eat junk and candy but occasionally only...that is the key. moderation is the key to many problems. kids play too many video games and watch too much tv. that is thanks to their parents as well. if parents do not take the time to go outside with their kids and play with them at least for a little while each day, the kids will sit in front of the tv or game and that isnt healthy. so it is the parents that need to promote health in children.