embarrassing movement

@mari123 (1862)
May 19, 2007 12:03pm CST
howdy, all--that's right you hear me crystal clear ,what's your most embarrassing movement of your life? remember my was in a classroom when i was opening my knapsack inside the classroom and a huge shiny maroon color-liked cockroach with two long pointed antennas sticking out with two giant wings ready to attack whatever nearby...and my classmate was so calm & she pretended she didn't see anything (how could she not see it when i said hello to her) ; i was closing my knapsack so quick that i didn't know i have sqooshed the sucker to death under my bared hand (yes not a good feeling & i did clean up my hands after that)...from that time on my classmate sort of letting me be seated first so that she can have the best possibly escape route from another tragedy of mine. now, it's your turn to share your story with us. take care!
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