I am tired of being so forgetful!

United States
May 19, 2007 3:25pm CST
I have been so forgetful latelly. I have been forgetting important appointments such as doctors appointments, important phone calls that I have to make, paying my bills, sometimes even what I had done the previous night! I cannot understand why I have been so forgetful. The only thing that I can think of that could cause this is my medication. I have been on two medications for almost a year now, Lamicktal and Abilify. I have read the side effects and see nothing of forgetfullness. I have tried everthing from writing the appointments down on the calender, placing it in my appointment book in my email, even pasting a sticky post-it on my computer screen. I just rip off the post-it and cast it asside, I never read the calender, and I forget to check my email for days. So nothing is reminding me. What I hate the most is how I can forget what I have done the previous night. I will forget little details of what I did or what was said. Is there any explanation? Is there anything out there to help my poor memory? I will appreciate any response.
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@magica (3710)
• Bulgaria
19 May 07
Try to use organizer or even a small booklet in your bag or pocket.Use as reminders objects what are associated with the things you must do. There are some exercises and techniques to improve your memory, but they need a serious and long time.And as common advice: how about your stress management?
@PsychoDude (2018)
• Netherlands
19 May 07
I checked my pharmacy books and lamicktal causes concentration problems in a minor amount of people, so there's a small chance that it is caused by the lamicktal. But it might also simply be the age, since you're 21 you're around my age and I can tell you; when I look at myself, friends, fellow students, etcetera we all forget things, especially appointments and such. Using notes and stuff just doesn't help since you don't keep them anyways. A good alternative what some use is a PDA with notification on appointments and such, now that's pretty failsafe unless of course you let the PDA itself wander around. Most mobile phones these days have the same notification possibilities to add appointments and notes, so since you probably have one of those already doesn't cost you any extra and just as effective.
@cher913 (25865)
• Canada
19 May 07
well i was thinking post it notes...put them where you will see them! like on your kitchen cabinets or in front of the computer... i am a very busy person (i have 2 p/t jobs - one outside of home and one inside) plus i have kids and a hubby and the house to worry about... i have a sleep issue as well so i find i am really forgetful...if it is something that i need for the next day (like a paper or book or something) i leave in on the stairs so i will trip over it and remember (really!!) if it is an appt with a dr or something, i post notes on a bulletin board that is near our pc...i write out drs appts etc and post them... what really bugs me is that i forget what my kids where like when they were little...this makes me really sad, but not much you can do about it!