The country in the world you would like to visit if you are given the funds?Why

May 19, 2007 11:44pm CST
We know something attractive about many countries. If we actually get the money which one we will like to see first? What is the reason for selection? What special features of that country attracts you to visit it first? The first country that I wanted to visit was Sweedan. I had read that there every one was well to do. There was no povery. It was well advanced in technology...... But I got chance to see the U.S.first. It was good.There is poverty here and there,though the country is well advanced.
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@veldort (210)
• Finland
20 May 07
I would like to visit australia, because it's so far away from here and there are a lot of things that you cant see anywhere else in the world.
@timou87 (1642)
• Singapore
20 May 07
I would love to visit North Korea, it is what is commonly known as a hermit state, it has not opened its doors much to the rest of the world, i would love to find out how life in North Korea is like, as well as to tour the more scenic and more historical routes there too
@NatashaG (100)
• United States
20 May 07
I've always wanted to go to Russia. The only reason being though is to see the people of Russia. Growing up everyone always commented on how my name sounded Russian and said how I looked Russian so I've always wanted to go there. In high school, I even did research on the Romanovs because I wanted to learn something of the countries history. But I don't know where i would go or what I would do. Just being there would make me happy.