are you a narcissist??

May 20, 2007 12:43am CST
i love myself. i often look at the mirror and tell good things about myself. =) is it good or bad to be a narcissist?
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@magica (3710)
• Bulgaria
20 May 07
It`s good to have a good self-esteem, to aware your advantages and to like your good look and personality.It`s a problem when you PREFER only yourself and IGNORE the people arround you because of your narcissism.
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• Philippines
20 May 07
yeah.. i think so too. thank u
• China
19 Aug 07
well, if even you don't love yourself, whom else would do expect to love you? narcissism is good for your confidence, which is so much important in your life. love yourself means you accept yourself and you will not feel bad about yourself. but narcissism should be properly used. if it is over used, maybe you would only respect yourself in this world, which is not good for interpersonal relationships. so make good use of it and control it in a proper scope.
@Rohit20 (327)
• India
20 May 07
I feel o.k with my looks but am not narcissist,because to be nacissist is to be arrogant,which I am not.