Is it true that there will be a rapture?

May 20, 2007 8:17am CST
A lot have been said about rapture and end times. Many have predicted even the year and the date. I get confused about the whole issue. Any chrstian or Muslim to tell me about the rapture?
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20 May 07
Yes, its defintely true, there will be a rapture. There are a lot of people who have not been taught about that and do not even know that a rapture will occur. The rapture is when Jesus will return to take all of his people home and he will open up the heavens and take all the Christians off of earth before all the harm hits. Whomever is left on earth will go through pain and suffering and will wait for the day of judgement. Its really interesting but sad for the people who are not right with God. I recommend you get a Bible and start reading it so you will understand what is going to happen. Now, as far as people predicting the year and date, I dont think so. That is my opinion though, but in the Bible there are situations listed that will happen when its getting closer for the Lord to come back and some of these situations are happening now so its all a matter of time and when he decideds to come we just better be ready.
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6 Jun 07
Hey Misssweetthingg has it right!- For all those who have not placed their faith in the person of Jesus Christ for salvation may be left behind when the rapture happens. It can happen at any moment - Jesus comes back and removes the church (that is all true believers) and brings them to heaven. Those who are not raptured will have to face 7 years of horrible judgment call the Great Tribulation Period. People will still be saved during this time but it will be more difficult and the stakes are much higher because of persecution. The message is this : Accept Jesus Christ today as your personal Lord & Savior to avoid all of this trouble. Take misssweetthingg's advice and get a Bible and read The Gospel of John and the Epistle to the Romans first. These can spell out your need for a savior and what to do about it. God's Blessing