Why People Are So FAT These Days..

New Zealand
May 20, 2007 8:50am CST
In this modern age, more and more people are gaining excessive weights at an alarming rate. This is really, REALLY WEIRD. What SHOULD BE THE PROBLEM (though I wouldn't like either one) is the problem of not having enough food, NOT having TOO MUCH FOOD! Nowadays, being obese is, somehow, "normal". Oh well.. Nothing to be surprised though.. Here's my thoughts: 1. We have TOO MUCH access to junk and oily foods The simple known equation to all humanity: Extra (Junk + Oily) Food = Fat 2. We are TOO LAZY because of the technology we created We are too LAZY. We even DRIVE to the shop which is only a few minute's walk from home. Come on man! Of course, there's ABSOLUTELY no problem eating "junks" once in a while.. But.. If you eat "junks" during each and every time you have your breakfast, lunch, dinner.. sheesh. And.. at least.. break a sweat once in a while! Nothing's more fun than jogging with friends and family! =) P.S Do you know the 7 tips that is highly effective in helping you to lose weight? I have a blog which describes those tips.. check 'em here.. http://build-muscle-weight-loss.blogspot.com/
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• United States
20 May 07
I could stand to lose a few lbs. Ok, I could stand to lose about 30 lbs. My problem isn't necessarily too much food because I don't eat all day. What I consume in a day is the key to my extra weight. My coffee has to be real sweet. Then I switch to Pepsi. I don't eat all day, thus starving my body from what it needs. Then I snack too close to bedtime, be it junk or something healthy. Nice blog you have there. Motivation is what I really need. I've been trying to do better lately, but then bad habits come back to haunt me.
• New Zealand
21 May 07
thx.. err.. meow!! =)