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@thatmom2 (126)
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May 20, 2007 6:25pm CST
So here i am expecting my third child (god willing) and i am s cared..as scared as i was when i was expecting my first. I have been to the library, getting referral books..i have googled just about every way to ask simple questions..i have even gotten into the baby conversation with some of my friends..just to get a grasp on the situation. i just cant understand it though...i have a 7 year old and a 4 year old..and i cant remember what in the world to look forward to. anyone out there know what im talkingabout or am i just being neurotic?
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28 May 07
What to look forward to? Smiles, giggles, dirty diapers. And in some situations, smiling dirty diapers. Look forward to the fact that he/she will be a newborn infant and not a 103 year old person with a gigantic diaper with your name on it. Look forward to the fact that something so small and precious relies on you to keep it going through the day. With the experience of getting one to year 7 and one to year 4, you should have no problem with a third.
@sizzle3000 (3038)
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21 May 07
I only had one child but I am happy to have her. I would amagine I would have to break out all the books again if nothing else to refresh my mind on what to expect and do. I am sure that since this is your third you have some idea of what to expect but being scared is expected. It hurts to give birth. I think you will be fine and don't forget to break out the baby pictures of the other kids so you can refresh your mind how wonderful it was when they were born and then take a deep breath because you will soon have a new baby to look at. I wish you lots of luck and love.
@jmcafam (2890)
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20 May 07
You're not the only one. At the time when I was pregnant with my third child, she is now 10 months, I felt like I had forgotten everything I knew about babies and pregnancy. My oldest children were 8 and 6 at the time and it felt like it was ages ago. I, like you, went and broke out the books about baby and all that stuff.