Is Doing Good Rewarding?

@okwusman1 (2249)
Abuja, Nigeria
May 20, 2007 10:41pm CST
A girl of about 21 years under the care of the elder brother ran away from home after the brother has beating her black and blue for returning late. she ran to my house where i as a guy of about 30 years still single with my younger sister staying with me accommodated her for that night. at night there was a serious temptation becuase she had her bath that night and wore a transparent night gown, but GOD helped me that night to control myself and i never touched her. the next day i gave some amount of money to her to go back home and apologize to her brother not knowing that she left my place for her boy friend's house. the brother was looking for her all over the city, he tipped the police that she was in my house and they arrested me. during this period the girl was declared missing and the police gave me one week to look for this girl or face the music. she has no phone, nobody knows where the so called boy friend stays, infact i was i agony. i kept on thinking how bad life is when you do good and it turns sour. to cut the long story short, after two weeks she was arrested by the police when a test was carried on her, she was pregnant for the boy friend with HIV. i spent more that $100 on the matter. should i stop doing good? it seems doing good is not favourable.
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