Will you be happy or upset if someone said you like a child?

May 21, 2007 2:09am CST
I always happy if someone tell me I like a child, and I think that means I am not so old and I am still young and with activation . but my boyfriend don't like others say he is like a child.he think if someone tell him he is like a child, it means he is not mature as a man and he could not complile to his work. what's your opinion? if this happened to you, what's your feelings ?
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@taurean83 (505)
• United States
21 May 07
Actually the thing is,I Don't really care what other says.It is the habit of peoples to say WHATEVER.But I believe,there is a child in every adult which comes out sometimes(that we know too).If you are really sensitive you will take it to heart what other peoples are saying about you,but it is not a bad compliment.Well,your boy friend is really a sensitive person,if someone is saying so,it doesn't mean that he is really a child.May be he has did some activity that shows that he acts like a kid.If someone says to me,I will not care about it at all.Cause being kid is not a bad thing,and if someone is saying it doesn't mean that I AM REALLY A KID..
@jlara_gtr34 (3492)
• Philippines
21 May 07
no, i wouldnt get upset if someone told me that i am like a child because truthfully, i am also acting like a child sometimes especially when i get into my "spoiled brat" moments. lolz. :P
@alpine_007 (1476)
• Pakistan
21 May 07
if someones says me that i am like a child and he means that i am very active i will be happy and if he means that i am like a child he means that i need to be told for everything i will be sad
• India
21 May 07
every body in my house tell me that i am a child maybe as i am the smallest member of my family. i never feal bad to be called so as i am small. i have other reasons as well. tired of work all day who wont like to become a kid again. in regard to ur boy friend i dont know exactly. i am sure peaple never mean it.
@rrkj1982 (42)
• India
21 May 07
hey boys if anyone says me that i m like a child, it depends on the person who said it. if it is said with a great comment then i will definately upset. but if anyone like my performance and says that i m like a child inspite of my performance then i like it.