curly or straight hair?

May 21, 2007 3:48am CST
i have a curly hair... and i dont like it... i have done straightening already many time... but it usually gets back to it's curlyness after six months or so... until i surrendered and let it curl as it is... hahahaha... what i cant understand is that some people who have straight hair, having it permed... and me wants it straightened... how about u? do u have straight or curly hair? have u permed ur straight hair or straightened ur curly hair?
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@diillu (5122)
21 May 07
Just like you, I have straight hair and I always look through the magazines..the style of curly hait to make it curly..but after 5-6 months my straight hair starts to grow and it looks kind of funny with straight hair on the top and curly on the bottom..and I do straight it after that. I think it almost happens to everyone.