Heroes fans..Very important question...

@macky7 (318)
May 21, 2007 4:02am CST
peter petrelli's power is to absorb the ability of others. how come he didn't absorb the power of eden(the power of persuasion)?? (remember when peter first visited mohinder eden was there) another is how come he didn't absorb the power of the hatian.?? when peter was practicing at the roof top with the invisible guy, bennet and the hatian tried to capture them. peter should be able to absorb their powers just like when he absorb the power of ted sprague. ted didn't use his power at that time but still peter absorb it. if peter had absorb the power of the hatian, he can defeat Sylar because he will be able to block his powers.
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@evelynlyp (788)
• Japan
24 May 07
He absorb eden's power but he may not be aware of it. He's been around Sylar too and yet he didn't show signs of having Sylar's power of understanding how things work. I'm not sure Peter have been close enough to absorb the Haitian's powers. Also the Haitian blocks powers. He may block Peter's power of absorption so Peter won't be able to absorb the Haitian power. It would be a powerful gift if he was able to absorb the Haitian's power, then he could easily defeat Sylar just by preventing Sylar from using his powers.
@macky7 (318)
• Philippines
27 May 07
at the time when bennett and the hatian tried to capture peter and the invisible guy, the hatian didn't block the power of peter because peter was still able to use his telekenesis and levitation. maybe your right that peter wasn't close enough to absorb the hatian's power.
21 May 07
since the hatian can Block others powers then maybe he stopped him from absorbing, as for edan he just isn't aware if the power
• India
21 May 07
well i think he did absorb that power but he isnt aware of the existence of such power! if he did know of such a power, he might be able to recall it and use it right? or maybe he hadnt got that opportunity to use it yet!