had u been robeed by someone and had no money to travel...!!!!!!!!??????

May 21, 2007 4:08am CST
yes i was in that situation once i was in market for purchasing something after purchasing i was on my way to my house i caught the bus and while i was travellig as usual conductor asked me to take ticket and when i searched for my wallet to my surprise it wasnt there i was shocked and conductor yelled at me to give the fair it was such an embarassing situation to be in with i think i was robbed after my shooping got over thank god i wasnt robbed before that but i was really insulted i was asked to getdown from the bus and i had to walk all the way to my house from that day i have decided to check my wallet before getting on to the bus hey what u would have done if u were in my position and had u been robbed by someone????????/
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