"Better word power" a Oxford publication adds a knowledge to your english!

May 21, 2007 4:39am CST
This books increases your confidence, and improves your command of english. As an example I am adding from page:67, about.. " -cide means killer or killings. So the following person or thing kills:-- bacteriacide--bacteria. deicide--a god fratricide--a brother or sister. genocide--a people or nation. germicide--germs. homicide--a human being. infanticide--an infant. insecticide--insects. matricide-- a mother. parricide--a near relative. patricide--a father. pesticide--pests. regicide--a king. sororicide--a sister. spermicide--spermatozoa. suicide--himself. tyrannicide--a tyrent. uxoricide--a wife. vermicide--worms This is just one example and so many day today hurdles like "advice is noun and advise is verb" add and correct you from making errors while writing english. I wish and suggest my fiends in mylot to have this book with them if they are interested to learn english, because it's really a good book to possess. I USE THIS BOOK FREQUENTLY. This book is published by Oxford University Press and the ISBN NO:19-860156-5. All the best from oarnamav.
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