does ur husband take care of ur babies when you r busy in someother work no ???

May 21, 2007 5:06am CST
i dont think so its like husband(males in general) get so annoyed with these babies especially when they are crying they would do any other work in this world but not taking care of babies or small child isn it annoying that ur husband is not willing to take care of his own baby just because he doesnt like babys cry what about urs i think it would be same i hopeb not
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@Cassy1976 (796)
• Australia
22 May 07
My partner hates it when our daughter cries but that doesn't stop him from being a good dad, I go to work on his days off while he watches our daughter, he comes home from a 12 hour shift and he makes sure that he plays with our daughter before she goes to bed, I think I am lucky to have such a great partner and a great father to our daughter
@wolves69 (755)
• United States
21 May 07
I'm a husband and father and have no problem taking care of the babies if Mom has to do something or go somewhere. Since I'm do things differently and usually "get in trouble" with the kids (sneaking snacks etc), she wonders if I'm the one who needs the baby sitter! There's no problems with me taking care of the kids. Since Mom stays at home all day with the kids, many times I just force her out of the house so she could do...whatever for a while.
@mujtab20 (434)
• Nigeria
21 May 07
I'm a husband, I always take care of our babies even when my wife not busy, that's if I'm free at home. Thanks