Can Floods be prevented if preplanned?

Flood Havoc - The Boot of a rescue person,who lost his life in flood.
May 21, 2007 7:11am CST
I'm from India. The northern and Northern eastern parts of our country experience floods regularly in the monsoon season causing havoc and many a deaths are reported. Added to this, the countrys' economy also suffers a greater setback. Reasons or call it as findings of the committee formed,on a regular fashion to pacify the agitated sufferers of flood, also points out that the Banks of many rivers have been drastically dwindled,paving way for lot of encroachments. Encroachments range from petty shops to Giant Complex shopping malls, Theatres etc. This in turn has resulted the rivers to change itz direction of flow, and hence the loss to the humans in multiple angles. One thing is sure, every time the solatium announced, fills the coffers of the rulers and the minimal benefits it serves for the needy. Mylotters, Wud share your countrys' progress in controlling this kinda Natural disasters. ( Whether this post will hold here or will be kicked off, god only knows)
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• India
22 Jul 07
OMG this is really very deep yes i am very concered about such things too and the global warming but one thing i dont understand is why we keep expecting the Government to take care of all our problems what are we doing?...are we eco-friendly in our daily life. Do we plant trees? we separate our organic waste do we stop using plastic bags, do we keep our computer and TVs in standby mode, do we keep our referirgators in top working condition so it does not add more to the pollution. Do we try and walk to places where we can instead of using the bike/car always. Do we orgainize neighborhood communities to keep atleast our neighborhood clean? we throw dirt on the road, do we follow traffic rules even when no is looking? individual following all these will not make an immediate effect but if ALL of us though on the same lines the world can be a better place. We always want someone else to make the effort and we are so used to doing what we are doing we dont even think of the consquences....
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23 Jul 07
WOW another BR and all i did was rant! i love talking about this subject but i do my best to make a difference though i know i am just one person but still that doesnot stop me from making an effort :)
• India
24 Jul 07
From your response i see that you have the fire in your belly, the urge for the society to adhere the good moral attitudes,.. But non adherence by the society, haphazardly trotting towards progress, makes u feel anger towards every responsible soul here.... The anger and the Wish that our society should transform earned you the best response..