addicts to orkut , how can it be stopped?

May 21, 2007 10:41am CST
its quite clear that orkut is one of the habit's that has got into the youth's..a stage has come where people cannot sleep without logging into orkut at least once in a day..orkut pay's u nothing.. but the maker's of orkut get's paid for each and every friends request,scraps,testimonials,messages, & also for creation of community,and for each people joining a community , they also get paid for making fan's & recent visitors.. so its just an advantage for the orkut creator's..but only thing which is good in orkut is making friend's and having fun... otherwise its just a waste of time...but onli thing i have to say is don't get addicted to orkut...i suggest u to spend some time in mylot ,atleast they will pay u something for ur effort.. friends make ur valuable points to the above subject , thanx...
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@AKRao24 (23871)
• India
22 May 07
Yes ! I fully agree with your views. But today youth, they want fun and enjoyment. Orkut provides them an opportunity too meet all the friends in a group which is making their time get wasted. The process of meeting people passing time on it and chatting without any purpose or meaning , just passing time on it really seems to have no point! But then it is like meeting your group of friends at some restaurants to have a casual chat while having a cup of coffee. People are addicted because it is something like meeting your friends regularly at a particular place at a particular time to discuss the previous days happenings! If you miss even one friend you get desperate and you are disturbed why he he is not there today! Similarly in Orkut also the situation is same! There are many other advantages provided by this site holder which makes one hooked to it! As you said the site holder is getting benefited from it and not the user! Thanks for the discussion!
• India
22 May 07
Hey, buddy firstly welcome to mylot. All my wishes are with you. It has come up lately that orkut has become one of the most addictive sites on the internet. Annd i think that if someone has to stop it then the concerned person has to completely root out the internet access he is getting. Thats the only way to quit orkut. Otherwise it has become so addictive that children refrain from going out to play and have fun. They are happy with orkut.
• India
22 May 07
i joined orkut some 6 months ago n surfed it like mad for almost 2 months...then i got bored up with it becoz there's nothing to tie u to that site...mylot is far better in that respect as u wud never get bored earning money...but the popularity that orkut has gained is awesome...its too late to say an orkut addict to stop peeping into other's scrapboooks n recomend them earning money thrugh mylot...i mean they'll just take u as an alien from mars trying to stop people on earth from
@sajuman (1854)
• India
11 Dec 07
Addiction...i don't under stand that how people addicted to orkut..I seem orkut as just a site which provide a social community network... Orkut...i think it became the last word for friendship nowadays...orkut orkut is coming to more popular...I am using orkut as my social site...No other site is this much cool and funny..I heard that orkut is banning in many countries... Thanks for the discussion....
@GAUrox (203)
25 May 07
dude just b regular on mylot n u ll de apparted by orkut coz u noe after itz all addiction n this iz d best way to get rid off
• India
22 May 07
nope...... it's a addiction....
@allegro (37)
• Brazil
21 May 07
When I joined orkut, two years ago, I got so addicted I really couldn't spend a day without checking my scrapbook. Time has passed and now I got a "normal level" in orkut acess, I guess. I still log in everyday, but because it's good to chat with friends if you have no time able to be on MSN or similiars. And communities help me to get knowing information about what I like, the bands, series, and it all... But I must admit: Life without orkut wouldn't be the same xD