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May 21, 2007 1:56pm CST
When it comes to tell the truth I have never really been fond of the whole peer editing scheme that is usually used in English classes. To be blunt, it is obvious that the student grading your paper could careless if you got an 'A' or a 'E.' Even if the point of the assignment was to correct the other student's grammar mistakes. But they never do---they usually write back on the paper rambling over my so-called writing talent. But at the same time I am starting to flunk various writing assignments due to stupid, silly grammar or spelling mistakes. Sure I can check it myself. But knowing me I am going to miss half of them just on the fact that it looks right to me. To boot, Microsoft Word has flaws as well. I really do not want some random student looking over my paper, not even wanting to take the time to correct a spelling mistakes or two. With this, it is not helping me out at all. The English teacher refuses to look over anyone's paper, unless you happen to he absent that day. But I am not going to miss a day, stay home, and pretend to be sick just so my teacher can look over my paper. Even if that would be nice, it's sort of wrong. Her excuses range from "Your peers should do it!" to the fact that she does not have enough time. But the fact is it is up to the point where most of my class has failed the research paper simply because of grammar mistakes. Mistakes that students are not going to pick up. These are mistakes that the teacher would be able to fix. Let's face it---most students are complete idiots when it comes to grammar. I am one of them. I feel as if I could do a lot better on my papers if she actually took some time to look them over. My past English teacher had no problem despite the fact they were involved in drama productions, clubs, groups, etc. There's always the fact that 75% of the class just failed a test on the Death of a Salesman. A lot of the questions were opinionated ones, but yet people from her other class were getting points taken off for sharing their opinion. The problem was that their opinions made sense. It was not like they were putting down random stuff to fool the teacher. My class does not get their tests back until tomorrow. What is your opinion on peer editing?
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@kariliv (16)
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21 May 07
I dislike peer editing, as I feel it puts students in the place of teachers. What if one of them incorrectly "corrected" your paper? However- I have never had an English teacher look over one of my papers before I turned it in to "fix" my mistakes. That was my job. Her job is to teach you, and your job is to learn grammar. I had one teacher that was so harsh that if we had one fragment or run-on sentence, you received an automatic D. I didn't like it at the time, but it sure drilled correct grammar into me. When you enter the working world and have to write resumes, memos, notes to your child's teachers and emails to your boss, you will be judged on your grammar. There will be no one to look over it before you send it. Grammar is not hard, but it does take some time to learn.
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21 May 07
A lot of my teachers had a system where you first looked over, a student looked over, and then you handed it into your teacher as a rough draft. I think the main problem is my teacher covers grammar in one day, and excepts us to get it. (This is an regular-leveled class.)
@urbandekay (18278)
27 May 07
Huh? Peer-editing? (Hyphenated surely) That's madder than mad Jack McMad, winner of last years Mr Mad competition, on a particularly mad day. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hmmm, well checking it yourself, it might be argued, develops your ability to spot such errors. all the best urban