Has anyone read "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks??

@racheld (840)
United States
May 21, 2007 3:42pm CST
I just finished this book and I must admit I absolutely loved it!! I think I cried on and off for the last 100 pages. I thought it was a great story line and although I wished they would have gotten back together in the end, I think it was a great book! What did you guys think??
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@krayzee (1161)
• Romania
22 May 07
I haven't read that book (I never even knew it existed; I will look out for it now that I do). However I read other Nicholas Sparks books and what you say confirms my opinion that none of his books have a happy ending (or if there are some, I have yet to know about them). i don't know if that makes me like his books a little more(at least he's original) or a little less (I'm quite fond of happy endings).
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• Philippines
21 May 10
Hi! I read "Dear John", and it was a very good book. All books by Nicholas Sparks is indeed very amazing. He is a very great author. I also cried while reading the book, especially near the ending and the ending itself. I think it was right that they didn't get back together in the end. If they did, the interesting and good part of the story would be excluded. In my opinion, the ending is what the story was truly all about. That ending completed the story and without it, the story would have gone to waste. :)
• United States
2 Jan 09
I loved this book! I've read it twice and I cried both times.
@Bev1986 (1427)
• United States
14 Oct 07
Oh my, what a wonderful book! I finished it a couple weeks ago. I've been passing it around to my friends and family and encouraging them to read it. It's not just a love story, but a great story about John's relationship with his dad too. I cried too... how could you not? lol! I wish they would have gotten together too, but I think it almost makes it that much more real... because it's not always a happy ending in real life... I loved it.
• Portugal
27 Aug 07
I've read it, and like you said, i also thought that they were gonna stay together. But the story torned out to be great at the end, really nice way to help them. But i wasn't the book that made cry the most
@sarah22 (3981)
• United States
21 May 07
have not read it but sounds interesting, ill let you know when i get it and have read it.....