Alcholism and how to deal with it ....

May 21, 2007 11:43pm CST
Do you know someone with an Alcohol problem ? How has it affected your life ? Are you still facing this problem everyday and how do you deal with this on a day to day basis ? My husband is an alcholic and although I love him very much it affects our everyday life . It not only affects him but all those who love him very much . How do you show the person you love that they are not in it alone and how they are affecting all those around them with their problem ? Alcoholism is a problem that not only one person faces alone , it is a problem that affects families everywhere and it something that so many are embarassed to admit that they know someone with this type of problem because they feel that somehow they are responsible for what is going on around them . It hurts so many people and yet as much as we know about it today we are no closer to helping the problem then they were years ago . How how this impacted your life and what have you done about it ?
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