guangyin bodhisattva

May 22, 2007 1:24am CST
The guangyin bodhisattva is chinese's gods.It is an enlightened being who,out of compassion,forgoes nirvana in order to save others.
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@mythociate (19480)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
6 Jun 11
I disagree. The way I understand it, God is beyond Heaven, Nirvana AND the Void nothing to which Buddhas aspire. (See, in Nichiren Buddhism, EVERYONE has a Buddha nature - along with the 9 others ... and Buddha IS NOT God, does not even CLAIM to be! Oh, a Buddha takes-on many aspects of God; but that's just The Law of Attraction - as you spend more time with successful people, you take-on aspects of success) The closest a Buddhist ever gets to God (as far as human-perception can tell) is the Divine Voice which they all listen-for and sometimes -hear (though it can only be identified as 'something that sounds like it's especially-theirs,' and thus requires experience to tell the difference between the true Divine Voice and a natural voice that's disguised to sound like it.)
@ajinomoto23 (1057)
• Philippines
22 May 07
I think she is a princess, her father punished her for her acts of mercy in helping the poor. My grandmother used to tell me stories about guangyin. She suffered a lot in the hands of her father because of her kindness to poor people. She is a Goddess. I sometimes feel her presence, when I too had a chance to do acts of mercy. Like giving medicines to poor people.
• China
22 May 07
Thank you.The guangyin is full women.