My husband is too close with his sister-in-law

May 22, 2007 3:14am CST
I don't know if i am being oversuspicious with my husband and his sister-in-law behaviour.I will name her as Vim. She's the wife of my husband's brother. We don't live together. About 3 months ago, Vim was having some family problem. She consulted my husband and since then things seem to be so different. I noticed that she has been sending sms at midnight to my husband. They exchange sms. She reports everything that happens in her life. Even before she leaves her home, she sms my husband and tell him where she's going, anywhere. Once i saw a sms in his phone which says "love, are you busy". She used to drop me email or sms once a day, at least. She has completedly stopped doing so. Many times, my husband brings us out together with her family. And both of them are always busy talking so much. Both of me totally ignore us ( me and her husband). Now I have started wondering if anything is happening in their life.
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@magica (3707)
• Bulgaria
22 May 07
Vim is not important here.Dont blame her. Your husband is this one who needs to put distance between a normal contact between relatives and friends and somebody, who wants more. Dont make scandals, just ask him delicately what is the situation. If you are inteligent and intuitive woman, you can allways feel is his answer sincere or not. Friendly talking in a calm atmosphere, not blaming. Good luck.
@ljcapps (1925)
• United States
22 May 07
Have you discussed this with your husband? Perhaps told him about your insecurities about the relationship that seems to be developing between he and his sister in law? If he is not the kind of person to discuss something like this out in the open maybe it is time for you to do a little at home detective work. I would start by monitoring his sms. If that is not possible try to eavesdrop on his conversations with him. something else you might try, and this is only as a last resort, send him a message pretending to be her, that way there is no doubt about what is happening between them. About the only other thing I can think of at the moment aside from hiring a private detective is see if you can get a trusted friend or family member to follow him. I hope the best for you and your suspicions turn out to be unfounded. I will check back with you to see how things turn out, best wishes "J"
• United States
22 May 07
whoa. i would totally be suspicious! especially with her sending messages at midnight?? and telling him her every HE is her husband and not his brother! personally...i would sit down with your husbands brother...and ask him if he has noticed any unusual behavior. tell him what you know and have witnessed. and see what he thinks. it may very well be that they are having marital problems..he might open up to you and that will help him and obviously help quell your fears too. i dont think you are being overly suspicious at all.