How Do you organize your files?

May 22, 2007 4:05am CST
I have large number of files and folders stored on my Hard disk. most of these are ebooks and HTML files I save from the web when I come across something 'interesting' or some page that contains information related to my subject mainly astrology and other interested stuff. but the problem is that I save loads of files and keep collecting those things and I only read very few of them from time to time! Just making my Hard disk more messy in the hope that I'll read and organize them someday! DOES THIS HAPPEN TO YOU, TOO? HOW ORGANIZED IS YOUR HARD DISK?
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@anonymili (3138)
22 May 07
I feel I am very organised with my files on my computer, I have directories set up for stuff like friends, family, official correspondence, personal correspondence, humour, labels, work related, etc. This is so I can easily find stuff even after months as I know I have them all filed neatly into sub-directories. In only my non-virtual desk was so neatly organised LOL! Maybe you can create a directory called "to read" and then you know the stuff in there is stuff you haven't yet got around to? Good luck!