your boyfriends relationship with co workers

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May 22, 2007 4:19pm CST
ok here is the deal my friend has been with the same guy for seven years, they work together, and he works with a female with whom he slept with while my friend and him were seperated but still slepping together and going out, he lied about this freind the whole time and she caught him lying about hanging out with herand calling her ,and about a million other things , they also were lying to their coworkers, well it all came out when my friend caught them sleeping together. my friend decided to give it one more chance and has to deal with the constant reminder, because they still work together, and then he still lies about little stuff that has to do with his co worker. he says they hang out at work because they have to work together but hten says there friends, and she does favors for him and they talk all the time, my friend told him it really hurts her to see them hang out, and he does it anyway. they dont just talk about work , how many of you think he should still be friends with the cowroker or just have a work relationship, and since he can't be honest about the coworker to his girl friend , how do you think my friend should handle this? she really loves the guy although i think he a player, . do you think she should get a different job or would it really matter , because they would hang out even more. my friend really needs some solid advice , other than my advice. what would you do and how would you handle the constant reminder of seeing them naked ?
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@avonrep1 (1862)
• United States
24 May 07
He is scum and she should leave him in the dirt. Once a cheater always a cheater. Sound familar? It should, I remember you once telling a mutual friend that once. You need to tell your friend that advice and make sure she takes it. Leave him. Hope everything goes alright with your "friend and this jerk".
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22 May 07
honestly i dont think i could handle it, more than likely id try and find another job and once i got over the both of them sleeping together, i might become friends with the guy again and the girl if we were friends before hand...