hours spend in browsing internet

United States
May 22, 2007 6:34pm CST
Last month I spent more than 12 hours browsing the internet, really.. haha.. With my small frame and being underweight, I loss more pounds because of it *sigh*. I eat less or sometimes chose to inernet than eat.. But now I'm on weight gain program and spending lesser time with the internet. How about you guys? How much time do you spend on internet and how do you feel about it?
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@dsuesue (180)
• China
28 May 07
My eyesight is not good now, it's not good for us to spend to much time on internet, isn't it? We'd better to outside to make friends, take exercise, communitate with peope face to face.
@vin_kmr (227)
• India
24 May 07
i spend for about 5-6 per day on net, i dont think that you had lost you weight just by sitting in front of internet, it sounds funny. ok increase your weight, but i am over weight as my doctor says, so what you suggest for me. to be on net for the whole day, it's a good idea to reduce the weight, but i am addicted to the interent, i will browse daily for few hours, i like browsing for more hours, but time is a criteria, i feel good to be on net,. but tel me about the weight reducing programme, tel me how many hours to be on net to reduce the weight?
@el_jeffo (751)
• Philippines
23 May 07
On weekends I spend almost my entire day online, reading, posting, chatting with friends, downloading. I don't really feel bad about it as I don't really have anything better to do.
@mik0930 (372)
• Philippines
23 May 07
I can spend up to 15 hours. But normally, I only do 10-12. I'm not losing weight, but gaining gradually. I exercise when I wake up in the morning, then internet until dawn. That's my life. I have a dialup connection ;D. Yeah!! --conrad miguel e. gozalo ---tagalog blog: http://crazydrunkguy.blogspot.com/
@ryanphil01 (4185)
• Philippines
22 May 07
hi genuine_jnet. i have a broadband connection so i have all the reasons and benefits to stay online 24/7. the most number of hours i spent in using the net continuously is 4 hours (per session). i can do 4 sessions at most in a day. in short, that is around 18 hours of internet browsing a day. but i do not forget to have my regular breaks too. i still sleep 6 hours and do my personal tasks like bathing, eating and exercising. despite my busy schedule i am able to maintain my BP (blood pressure). i find time too watching movies in cinemas for awhile.