Lies, Lies and more Lies!

May 23, 2007 1:30am CST
Does anyone stop to think about how much lying goes on in this world! Really sometimes I wonder what it would be like if everyone made an effort to justbe honest plain and simple even for a week for some people so they can see it is okay to be honest! What makes me think about this is a recent trip to Las Vegas, surfing the internet and people we know. I was in Las Vegas this past year for 3 days. By the last day I just felt so overwhelmed by all the dishonesty. One example is the tricks and lies they pull to get you into to a time share appointment in hopes ot sell you the time share. I couldn't believe there was lie after lie. I was with 4 people and I said look no this is a big scam a big lie we aren't going, What ever they say they will pay us to listen it won't actually be what we think we are getting. Now the guy was so shocked because he said I was the only person in the group that he thought he had for sure. So we left. A few steps down the road he ran after us and upped the anti with more false promises. Finally we agreed to go for the time share talk. Only to find out a few minutes into our ride it was not going to be 2 hours out of our time but 4 at the least. That was only the first lie! There were lies everywhere I went for this thing and another thing. I surf the net looking into this on line money making sites. Sure there are some good honest ones out there but it is overwhelming just how many that are out there that are so dishonest and make it really bad for the honest ones because you feel like you can't trust anybody. I am sure many of you have noticed this. What about friends? You call and ask if they will come over for dinner tonight or come for a visit this afternoon. They would rather tell you they have plans then to say nah not today I just don't feel like it I am in the mood to stay home and do nothing. What the heck is wrong with saying no for the sake of saying no? Why do we or many feel the need to lie? Why has lying become a normal accepted way of life?
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• Indonesia
23 May 07
In my opinion, people do lie for some reason, some are for good and some are bad and some purposes are for money. I also experienced some problem with time share company, I never experienced the time share but my guests are.. They keep complaining when time share company are cheating and telling lies.. to avoid more complain about this, I suggest my guests not to share any of their info to any persons that tell them they got a prize or money to attend their presentation.. I even blocked some phone calls to the guest that I knew it is from time share company (I feel sorry for doing this because I've been blocking their business). I agree with you that lies are now very common in everyday life.. regarding friends..I think they do this because they dont want to hurt our feeling by saying any reason that is more acceptable rather than say "I cant go because I want to stay home and do nothing". Maybe for you it is ok if they want to say that because they have the right to say no.. For me, sometimes truth are hurting, so it is ok to lie as long as it doesnt hurt other.. mmmm I got this tought from friends too that respond to my discussion about lie..