What is the best age and way to introduce reading in kids?

May 23, 2007 3:49am CST
My son is seven year old and he loves to listen to stories but is not an avid reader. This is a continuous discussion in my home how to make him indulge in reading regularly any comics or any books. I feel we should read a story with him at bed time thats enough and his books should be more like sleeping time stories or famous five style. while my husband wants him to read epics or moral value stories. Sometimes I find words are really difficult for him to comprehend. I also feel forcinghim to read for one hour daily in late evenings will slowly make him detest books altogether. I think we should leave him alone and go according to his mood and since we both are avid readers he will pick up the habit on his own. what do you all say?
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• India
23 May 07
Why trouble your kid when he has to go to school where he is forced to read the text given by the teacher. Moreover he has so many years to read the books, so I feel you shouldn't force him to read any books at this moment.