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May 23, 2007 4:00am CST
Do you believe in fate and or destiny??Do you believe that EVERYTHING happens for a greater/grand reason? That there is meaning behind all that happens?{I do believe in fate and destiny, for example-- that sometimes people come upon each other for a certain purpose, something that was meant to be. However I do not believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason...because somethings are just to horrible to have had any good, grand or greater purpose for happening---things such as that I believe happen senselessly.}What do you think?
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23 May 07
I very much believe in destiny. I think that everything happens for a reason. I mean for example. My mum used to live in england with my dad, but they moved down here to Wales. Then had a divorce. Then my mum met the person she thinks is the one for her and they have been married 10 years now. If my mum hadnt have met my dad she would have never of moved down here and she would have never of met Mike. You can call it coincidence but i am a full believer in fate and destiny. But then in a way i don't believe that our lives are planned out already for us. I think that everythin happens for a reason and there are certain points in your life that are unavoidable but what happens in between them is up to us.
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23 May 07
I agree, I don't think our lives are already planned out for us, certainly not written in stone. We have to makes choices along the way, however fate is what it is, and will happen regardless. Thanks for responding!