A Survey of The Reason of Commiting Suicide ! Please Share Your Opinion Here!

@shinjiao (1464)
May 23, 2007 7:02am CST
I know maybe my discussion is a cliche but I want to collect some information for my discussion in next Monday. Last Monday we had an oral English class and on my class,we talked about the issue about commiting suicide.And my group's topic was "Why people commit suicide and please tell the reason."Then we made a summarization about the reason of commiting suicide.Here are our summarization and please tell me do you agree or disagree our summarization.Or if you have other opinions,please tell me.Thanks a lot!! Why people commit suicide. 1.Domestic Reasons 1)Bad experience of childhood 2)Domestic violence in family may affect children 3)The quarrel between parents may influence children 4)Lack necessay possitive guidances from parents 5)Parent's divorce 2.Social Reasons 1)People are under the fierce competition in the world 2)The high expectation from people around you 3)Traditional opinion of mental illness--look upon people who suffer from mental illness 4)People are suffered from the racial discrimination or regional discrimination 3The character of the people who commit suicide 1)negative suggestion from youself 2)Abnormal attitudes towards people around you.Envy,Jealousy or other sense cam make you keep an abnormal attitudes towards people around you. Please choose the reasons which you think are reasonible or please show your own opinion about this discussion here.Thanks a lot.
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