let evidence reveal the truth

May 23, 2007 8:43am CST
WHAT MORE RELIABLE METHOD IS THERE TO PROVE INNOCENT OR GUILTY OTHER THAN SCIENCE? Forensic Science has given hope to justice, facilitating crime investigations which indicates the progress of modern technology. We can be thankful that humans are intelligent species because of our incredible ability to develop and having the sense of need for progress. We can witness how the developments in forensic science have established many crime solving methods, providing evidence which constitutes the most important factor in determining a just verdict. Without Forensic Science, the truth behind some of the most criminal actions would still remain a mystery...or worst still, criminal cases arriving to unjust verdict. Why can't our government provide Forensic Science service in the Philippines? knowing that it plays a vital role in fighting criminal activities that surrounds us, I wonder...
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• Philippines
23 May 07
Ive watched regularly cases solved by Forensic Science in Discovery Channel, and, indeed, it is a project worth to be financed by any government worldwide. A lot of criminal cases are unsolved due to lack of evidence which is crucial to investigations. Perhaps, government purposely doesn't want to fully support forensic science in the country because they themselves are the crime suspects.
23 May 07
I can not speak for the Philippines, but on the general subject of science. Science is not as perfect and incontrovertable as television would have us believe. The current spate of CSI programmes implies that science has all the answers, and is infallible. This is not the case. There are many pesticides used in the USA which are banned within Europe. European scientists say they are harmful, US scientists say they are not. Whereever you find a scientist who says one thing, there are scientists who will disagree. Also, scientific data is open to interpretation, and here a scientists own opinion comes into play. He will back whichever side that pays him to be a professional witness. Across the world at this time countries and scientists can't even agree whether Global Warming exists, never mind whether it is a natural phenomena or a manmade one! Scientists are not Gods, though some behave as though they are. Most crimes committed within the UK are tried in court with little or no forensic evidence. Basic forensics, like bullet analysis and finger prints have been around for over 60 years. The cost of the forensics often outweighs the cost of the crime.