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May 23, 2007 11:04am CST
Out of 100 discussions/responses 99% is on Making money, or making extra money or quick money or ptc or ptr etc. To sum up, we always speak about money here. We are always very serious in our business, in quite conscious about maintaing the star ratings,and dont enjoy and be in lighter side of our life for atleast some time in day.Am I correct? If so, let's come share jokes,keeping the mylot guidelines in our mind. (Me too is no exemption, not a single joke out of 100+ postings) P.S: Any new free to join money making site for Indians like me.LOL. hahaha.Hehehe.Its the devil reciting scriptures!)
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29 May 07
****************************************************************** :-) SOMETHING TO LAUGH ABOUT :-) 12 Living on Earth may be expensive, but it includes an annual free trip around the Sun. __________________________________________________________ God made relatives...Thank God we can choose our friends ____________________________________________________________ Love is photogenic... It needs darkness to develop ___________________________________________________________ A good discussion is like a miniskirt... Short enough to pertain interest and long enough to cover the subject! ____________________________________________________________ Children in backseats cause accidents... Accidents in backseats cause children ! (HEE HEE HEEE) ____________________________________________________ A drunk was hauled into court. "Mister," the judge began, you've been brought here for drinking." "Great," the drunk exclaimed. "When do we get started?" ____________________________________________________________ "What book do you like the best?" "My husband's cheque book." ******************************************************************
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23 May 07
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