Writing your first book

United States
May 23, 2007 3:02pm CST
Assuming that you've written a book before. How did you first originate your idea. Internet? Friends? Library research. What steps do you think I should take. Maybe stick with a topic that I already know about, or strike out into new writing territory? Any suggestions on writing a book for first timers?
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23 May 07
I am still writing mine. I am writing about my experiences of moving to another country and all the hassle that we went through. It is easier to write about something you know What is your book going to be about? If I have to research anything, I do it on the net.
• United States
24 May 07
Yes! That makes sense. Writing about first hand experiences are easier I suppose than starting from scratch. Of course, you earned the experience and deserve to bring it to life on the page. I've been mulling over the possibility of writing a book on my own experience with pregnancy. Not so much about the medical aspects as the emotional changes that go along with it. Thanks for your response and good advice. And, best of luck with your book. I am sure you will do well. Please keep us posted on when your book will be coming out.
@suspenseful (40312)
• Canada
15 Oct 07
I got my idea for my first book (still in the works, being delayed while I get this one finished) from reading a comic book and watching a Science Fiction movie on TV. I also got ideas from dreams, I dream rather visual dreams, like boats, water, streets, trees, etc. I also incorporate things I have done or know someone has done into the book or books. Since my father was in the Army, my first book was written from a military perspective, the hero was in the military, and the one I am on now, has the hero also with a military background, but in a different profession. For instance, if you are a nurse or there is someone in your family who is in the hospital business, you can write a story about a doctor who is told to operate on a major criminal or about a nurse who thinks she is doing good by killing elderly patients. You can then do research on the subject you know about, but even if you do not, you can still learn. If you are a natural fiction writer, the ideas will come from everywhere, even seeing a blade of grass will make your brain start to work.