Benefits of marijuana, do you believe?

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May 23, 2007 7:46pm CST
I know I post a lot on marijuana, but this is a subject that very interests me, and I want to share all my finds and very own beliefs with everyone. The Physical benefits of marijuana are far-reaching, widespread, and long-term. Because of the way marijuana impacts the Autonomic Nervous System which expands the breath and relaxes the body, its potential for health and healing are enormous, and have been completely unrealized by Western Medicine. When we balance the Autonomic Nervous System, there is an effect on the mind that is both energizing and relaxing SIMULTANEOUSLY. In other words, we can think more clearly and more efficiently. Today, in these darkest of times, hundreds of millions who pursue the journey inward to the universal core values, find that marijuana facilitates the search. As a religious sacrament, intuitively recognized by all for whom the sacred beckons, marijuana has been employed for thousands of years, crossing all geographical and ethnic barriers. Marijuana not only balances the body, and enhances our mental processes, it can also help (some of) us to perceive the abiding reality by raising our consciousnes In a Costa Rican study, it was found that chronic marijuana smokers who also smoked cigarettes were less likely to develop cancer than cigarette smokers who didn’t use marijuana. Since marijuana (smoking, as well as ingestion by other methods) dilates the alveoli, toxins are more easily eliminated with cannabis use regardless of its method of application. Nicotine, on the other hand, constricts the alveoli, so it is likely that the use of cannabis neutralizes, or even overwhelms the constriction, by its own tendency to dilation ...As an aid for all psychosomatic disease, marijuana can benefit the participant, generally because of its health-restoring effects... The fear of marijuana... stems from its limitless potential for treating illness, in that both the pharmaceutical industry and the medical monopoly would lose billions of dollars if marijuana became the non-drug of choice. And lets not forget to mention it can Relieving Pain By far the most well known use is a reliever of pain, or analgesic. Especially in cases of chronic pain. There are many sufferers of chronic pain smoking marijuana as a means to relieve their pain. While smoking marijuana is known to be at least as toxic as smoking cigarettes, this method of delivery is useful for those with constant pain. It is one of the quickest ways of feeling the effects and it also allows them to self-regulate their dosage. And, it has been used to releive the side effects of cancer. So, do you have a negative opinion about marijuana, or are you fine with it? If you have a negative opinion on this subject, has your opinion changed, or is it still the same? Do you agree with recreational use? Do you agree with medical use, or both? Tell all!
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@mugzy528 (801)
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24 May 07
I think it is Great since it Helps me with my Pain and relaxes me also. But I think it should be Looked into for Medical Use I mean sh** they grow it to use for Making Rope and lots of other things and the Government does this? Dont make no sense that they can grow it but I Can' Have a Great Day/Night.
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15 Jul 07
Unfortuneatly, the government has not yet employed the use of hemp for rope, clothes, paper and other items. This is unfortunate because it is cheaper than using wood, cotton, and other materials. They do not grow it and also, the amount of THC in cannabis used for hemp is EXTREMELY low compared to cannabis used for smoking. If you smoked hemp, it would take you about 20-50 joints to get high, but you'd merely get sick instead.
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15 Jun 07
wow, jennifer. you really like to type when you're high, don't you. lol. i didn't make it through it all. but i do agree with both recreational and medicinal use. i personally believe that it is addictive, as i am addicted to it. if the government would let me grow for personal consumption, that would be great. been nice sitting with you.