internet- advantages and disadvantages

@sfgirl (19)
May 24, 2007 4:26am CST
many people have computer in homes but not connected to internet because they think internet is not good...... and some people think internet is very use full.......... can you say some advantages and disadvatage of internet.......?
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@kyutstudph (1263)
• Philippines
24 May 07
by means of Internet you can search anything under the sun and get updated to the latest stuffs. I cant think of a disadvantage as of the moment.
@vin_kmr (227)
• India
24 May 07
There are both advantages and disadvantages in internet. by sitting in front of the computer the eyes gets weak and health will be the matter. so some people are worried about their health, but most of the people use internet for several applications. there are more advantages only rather than disadvantages. we can gain information regarding any thing according to their wish, and u will get what ever you want. any information in the world, we can gain good knowldege. it had become my daily routine to browse on net. people are addicted to net, and cant come without it. more over there are lot of advantages only.
• Romania
24 May 07
i don t think internet is not bad only if you uspend to much time on pc.this is not good for health and also you lose time.maybe in this time you can do another think good for your life. if you have family this is realy bad because they can not wait you to finish the game or write for friends. but if you now how to use internet you can do many think good for your life like some money,some friends,information and is free,you can make fast rezervation and another things important. i can 't live without internet now and i use from 10 years. if someoane have an another ideea let's see...
@polachicago (19073)
• United States
24 May 07
I think of Internet as the best tool ever. It is world libary and you can learn about everything you want to know. It is wrong tool for people who only see casino and adult sites....
@Inky261 (2524)
• Germany
24 May 07
First of all the internet costs money and is time consuming. When one has internet one spends more time on a computer. And one can blow the computer up by catching a virus. One can save time and money by e-mail communication or e-bay or checking prices before buying on the net. And One can be very well informed on daily news.