computers are scared of the heat as human does

@mari123 (1862)
May 24, 2007 9:05am CST
It is so hot that tells us the summer is really coming. My computer began to alarm frequently and is shut down automatically, I guess the reason is the ventilation in the chasis. I put an electric fan right beside the computer with one side open. cool! the problem resolved after I set the wind level to Level II. it would be your reference if you meet with the same problem. computers are scared of the heat as human does. Most of LIC site Space language files are in english now, but still some left to be finished. there is something to do with our QQ groups since all LIC groups seems to stay away from LIC site. and I found some of group members had not even posted a single thread. wish the plan would do some help , let's wait and see. The stock market is good today, do we need to worry about tomorrow? God knows!
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• Sri Lanka
24 May 07
I too had the problem of my computer getting overheated. When this happens the screen turns blue and the computer gets stuck. The problem was solved when I bought a larger shell where the air could circulate freely. Now I don't have the heating problem anymore.