October 22, 2006 11:58pm CST
notes about micro and mini piles
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• Pakistan
17 Dec 06
basically piles or hemerrhoids are the dilatation of venous plexus (veins) at rectum piles hav 3degrees 1st degree piles are not seen wth naked eye but stools are streaked wth blood,n constipation may b an associated symptom..ths type is observed on rectal examination 2nd degree piles are the one when a mass is felt protruding out of rectum during defecation or upon straining for urination or defecation but they r reduceable manually. 3rd degree is the type when the protruding mass cant b reduced by any means...n they r painful
24 Mar 07
i think i,ve had 1st degree ones and 2nd degree piles....god i cant beleave i,m saying this...)jdxx. now the wrld will now...hehe..