Jeans : zip fly or button fly?

May 24, 2007 9:59am CST
Just wondering which one do you prefer? I know of some people who like the button fly because they feel it's so unique and that it's what makes a pair of jeans stand out. But everyone else seems to like the zip fly more because it's a lot more practical than the button fly. Why do you like one over the other? Please share your stories. Thanks.
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• Australia
25 May 07
Hello velvetprinzess I like the zip fly, I think more easy for me, button fly need more time to use and sometime we can forgot one button and that would be disaster for me. LOL. God bless you *angel
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@hezoid (2147)
24 May 07
Zip fly. You don't tend to get button fly with womens' jeans but if you did i wouldn't buy them, i guess it's just what i'm used to! my aprtner likes the button fly, not sure why though, maybe for a man it can be a worry in case he gets something important trapped in the zip...
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21 Nov 08
Difficult to say. Button fly aren't too much extra bother in my experience. When I wear button fly, I only usually button up every other one, generally find that sufficient! Button fly definitely have a more sexy feel about them. Sometimes with zips, they don't always function that smoothly, so are not always faster than buttons. Wondering if anyone else will pick up on this thread now I resurrected it! :~) :~)