When the yellow eyed demon died...

United States
May 24, 2007 12:18pm CST
I think that for all the hype about the yellow eyed demon, he was killed off pretty quickly. It just seemed anticlimatic to me. Don't get me wrong, I liked the episode, but I just feel like all the buildup was wasted. What do you think?
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25 May 07
While I agree with you about the finale being anticlimatic I loved the fact that the father was able to be a part of the yellow eyed demon's demise. I just hope that his soul was released from hell. It seemed so to me, but who knows? The thing I love about the show so much is how it alternates between dramatic and comedic. Most of the time they devote an entire show to one or the other and lets face it, the finale was pretty dramatic but the final scene did deliver with that litte bit of comedic lustre.
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30 Jun 07
I think it was anti climatic too. I was expecting this big huge fight and it turned out to be practically nothing.The episode was good though.I was happy that their father got out of hell and went to a better place.at least i hope he did.