How long do you have to wait to know your dog is pregnant?

@TriciaW (2441)
United States
May 24, 2007 2:55pm CST
As many already know my dog was escaping from the fence and we have yet to find a good solution to this however we keep her chained on a really long chain so she isn't wondering around town any more. Before anyone freaks she is inside at night so it isn't all the time*L* Well the other day I came home to find a male dog had gotten through the fence and was in the back yard with her. We are talking a really big dog so I was a bit nervous to get him out but when he started jumping on her my fear quickly went away. It took a lot to get him out of the fence through the actual gate but did it. Now that dog is over here all the time. It even is looking in my windows at night and if they are opened he whines for my female dog. So not sure but think he might have had his way with her before I got home that day. How long before I know? Of course I was going to take her to the vet to have her fixed this summer because stupid me thought they didn't go into heat at 7 months old. So now what do I do?
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@Calais (10898)
• Australia
24 May 07
If she wasnt in season, and they didnt get tied then you might be lucky. Dogs can jump and think that they are making it but if she wasnt in season then she would not let him. But if it did happen, I think about 4 weeks you should be able to notice a change in her nipples whick is an indication that she is.
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• United States
24 May 07
This just happened recently?? Wait a week or two then take her to the vet for an ultrasound. Female dogs can go into heat as early as 4-5 months. I got mine spayed at 5 months before her first heat. If she is pegnant let her have the puppies then get her spayed!! Its much better for her, less chance of cancers in the female parts. Good Luck!!
@Inky261 (2524)
• Germany
24 May 07
You can tell in the fifth week for sure. Dogs carry 58 to 63 days. If you are unsure after 4 weeks - 28 days you can take her to the vet for an ultrasonic test. If she is carrying she wants more and more food and she behaves different. Depending on the size of the litter she gains weight fast. I have cockers and for this size dog one puppy in the belly increases moms weight by one pound. Around the 7th to 8th week you can feel the babies move if you put your hand on the belly. One very exact sign is if she starts having fluids out of the behind. No fluids - no pregnancy.