Have you ever played any practical jokes on anybody?

@kavita23 (2995)
May 24, 2007 6:58pm CST
What did you do?
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• India
29 May 07
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• India
25 May 07
Yes i usually play practical jokes with my friends and bros. and what i do is that i do a mistake related to the person which will effect him in coming day and when he asked me about what i have done i usually acts very nicly and when he or she get very upset i give him a surprise. it is just like BAKARA---M TV
@yogesh66 (1117)
• India
25 May 07
Yes. Phoned a brother-in-law that I knew had gotten drunk the night before, pretended I was a cop and was calling him to say we tracked his car license plate down. To go to the local police station with the damaged car right away. He was hung over, we were across the street, he came running out of the house in his skivvies to check his car. By then, we were rolling on the ground laughing our @zzez off. He never got me back.
• United States
25 May 07
For April fools day one time we turned my bosses desk around backwards so when she sat down her knees hit the drawers. We put everything on her desk just like it was and she never noticed it for a while. I sat right across from her and finally she looked down and said "what happened to my desk" I just played it off "what do you mean" and then I started laughing. April Fools. She was a good sport about it. It was funny.